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Voting Reform

Senator Breslin wants a democracy that is accessible for all. Senator Breslin will continue to support initiatives that expand access to democracy and encourage voter participation.

To strengthen New York's democracy, Senator Breslin has worked with Senate Democratic Colleagues to:

  • Establish early voting and automatic voter registration in New York State.

  • Made it easier to change a voter’s party affiliation and require a polling location on college and university campuses.

  • Reform New York's Board of Elections to improve it operations.

    • Several pieces of legislation that were passed include: Legislation to require Board employees to receive mandatory training; minimum staffing levels; and prohibiting commissioners from holding elected office.

  • Perhaps most notably, the Senate passed the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act of New York, which, among other things:

    • Created civil liability for voter intimidation​; created new mandates to provide voting assistance to language-minority groups; and established rights of action for denying or abridging the voting rights of protected classes through vote suppression and vote dilution.

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