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Senator Breslin believes healthcare should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Senator Breslin voted to advance an amendment to the State Constitution which would codify the right to an abortion and the right to contraception in New York.


Senator Breslin voted Yes on Bills such as:

  • The Reproductive Health Act; and to codify the Affordable Care Act

  • To increase the age to buy tobacco products to 21 

  • In the fight against opiods, Senator Breslin voted to expand Medication Assisted Treatment Programs, expand access to opioid antagonists and create new requirements for health practitioners when dealing with pain management.

Senator Breslin does not support cuts to Medicaid services, and believes no one should go bankrupt from medical bills, or have to choose between buying food and filling a prescription.


To continue to make healthcare more affordable Senator Breslin will:

  • Vote for the Medical Debt Protection Act

  • Sponsored legislation to lower prescription drug costs by supporting a cap on prescription drug prices and continuing to fight to require transparency from Pharmacy Benefit Managers

  • Sponsored legislation to prevent insurance companies from making significant changes to prescription formularies mid-year.

  • Support preventative care measures such as promoting access to a general practitioner, necessary vaccines, healthy food, housing, child care and protecting clean water and air.

  • Voted to ban flavored e-cigarettes.

  • Voted for medical and recreational cannabis in New York State.


To expand access to healthcare Senator Breslin will:

  • Continue to demand better pay for direct care workers

  • Support necessary funding for public hospitals

  • Defend funding allocations for programs that work such as self-directed care, Diversity in Medicine, Kinship Care and Donate Life NYS

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose

  • Support policies that incentivize people to join the mental health field and invest in the social work profession

  • Promote healthcare clinics in schools and other forms of community-based care

Senator Breslin knows that addressing affordability and accessibility of healthcare requires providing for those currently in need and creating a society that cultivates health from the start.

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