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Senator Breslin has long worked to support affordable housing. In 2019, Senator Breslin, the Senate Democrats, and a state-wide coalition worked to pass the Emergency Tenant Protection Act. This package of bills allows municipalities around the state to opt into rent stabilization and provides new legal protections for tenants.

In addition to this historic legislation, Senator Breslin plans to:

  • Support legislation that protects tenants from evictions without a good cause or from being forced out by major capital improvements that cause large rent increases.

  • Support the creation of a Home Stability Support rent supplement program to assist families whose housing situation is in jeopardy due to domestic violence or hazardous living conditions

  • Advocate for local municipalities, land banks and non-profits to receive the funds they need to prevent evictions, assist homeless people and handle foreclosed properties

Senator Breslin and the Senate Democrats delivered housing support for the people of New York State as we still grapple with the  COVID-19 pandemic by:

  • Fighting for the inclusion of $4.5 Billion in the state budget towards a five-year Housing Capital Plan

  • Funding the Emergency Rental Assistance Program at $950 million

  • Funding the Landlord Rental Assistance Program at $125 million

Senator Breslin believes minimizing chances for eviction, putting supports in place for families in need and protecting tenants within the law are ways we can address housing issues in conjunction with reliable healthcare and economic development policy.

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