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Senator Breslin is committed to protecting our environment. He has achieved perfect scores and top marks on the New York League of Conservation Voters Environmental Scorecard for the past five years. He has voted to ban plastic bags, worked with community members and local elected officials to switch to renewable energy in the Sheridan Avenue steam plant and along with Senate Democrats, passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.


To cut carbon emissions Senator Breslin has:

  • Supported initiatives to expand and electrify public transportation.

  • Worked to increase access and construction of renewable energies

    • Senator Breslin has supported offshore wind turbine manufacturing at the Port of Albany, and he supports making it easier for solar and other renewable energy projects to be approved and built.

  • Supported a vote for the adoption of a low carbon fuel standard.

To reduce waste Senator Breslin has:

  • Voted for legislation that bans expanded polystyrene foam (“styrofoam”), single-use food containers and harmful chemicals that eventually end up in our water supply.

  • Successfully Sponsored and passed the Right to Repair Bill, a bill that would reduce waste and enable repair industry growth.

To protect the health of our water, land, and air Senator Breslin has:

  • Voted for legislation that prevents the overuse of antibiotics and pesticides in farming.

  • Continues to support funding for parks and open spaces.

  • Voted to establish maximum contaminant levels of PFCAs and PFSAs in public drinking water.

  • Successfully passed a bill, that was signed into law, to ban the incineration of harmful firefighting foam in our local communities.


A commitment to our future generations requires participation from all sectors of our State. Senator Breslin is certain our efforts addressing climate change will positively affect public health, the economy and technology and that New York State will continue to set an example of the rest of the country.

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